Elara Brangus breeds black Brangus, and is based predominantly on Australian bloodlines.

Elara Brangus was established in 1993 by Mark and Lynda Bauer.

Elara Brangus joins 150 females annually in the Lockyer Valley in south-east Queensland and

on the Western Darling Downs.

The Elara herd has a strong commercial focus and continually strives to improve relevant important economic traits.

Elara will be offering bulls for sale again this year at the Australian Brangus Society Sale in Roma in September. 

Bulls will also be available for private sale.

Go to our SALES page to view a sample of these bulls. 

Pictured below is Elara TH 852  (DOB:30 November 2016; Sire: Telemon History; Dam: Elara Cindy 2nd)



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Elara Brangus - producing:

  • Fertile, Functional and Efficient cattle

  • Cattle with plenty of “Breeding behind the Brand”

  • Cattle that meet stud and commercial requirements

  • A Brangus Breedplan herd.